David Zaga

President of Real Estate

David Zaga is the President of Real Estate at Falcon Properties.

Responsible for the administration and management of the buildings in the portfolio, Mr. Zaga markets and administers the purchase and sale of new assets, conducts market evaluations, and handles site selection, due diligence, and financial analysis.

Mr. Zaga has both a B.S. in Management of Real Estate as well as an M.S. in Real Estate from NYU SCPS backing 25 years of experience in managing staff and business operations.

Born in Mexico City, Mr. Zaga would begin his professional career in the textile business at the age of 19. He would remain for the following decade before settling down in New York, in 1996, to study at New York University (NYU) and begin work at Falcon Properties. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate and his broker’s license, he would progressively acquire more responsibilities at Falcon.

“The renovation of Falcon’s building properties that took place throughout those years,” Mr. Zaga has commented,”was an opportunity to stand out from the competitors who claimed to offer better service.” He has consistently stressed the importance of Falcon’s warm, welcoming approach to its success: “We encourage the potential client to meet us, know our doorman, our building.” Key to this hands-on approach is Falcon’s insistence on personally handling all remodeling itself—without “external contractors”—in order to ensure the highest quality of all remodeling jobs. Mr. Zaga summarizes the company’s values in a few short words: “We do everything in-house.”