Carlos A. Silberman

President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer

Carlos A. Silberman is the president of Operations and Chief Operating officer of Falcon Properties, Inc.

Before opening his first business in the United States in 1978, Mr. Silberman would launch companies in his home country of Argentina in the areas of construction and consultancy, focused on auditing, tax services and the incorporation of companies. His first American company, headquartered in New York’s SoHo, would import fabrics and manufacture clothing for women. “I realized that in this city, you need to innovate and launch your own product to be successful,” he has said.

Licensed in Economics and certified as a “Contador Público Nacional”—the Argentinean equivalent to a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.)—Mr. Silberman would first acquire experience in the purchasing and managing of residential and commercial properties and terrains in Argentina. He would quickly build an impressive real estate portfolio that has grown steadily throughout the years.
He would buy his first building in Manhattan in 1990. In 1994, he would sell his women’s clothing business, which had been established at three store locations around Broadway and Prince Street, to focus solely on real estate. “I had always wanted to be in real estate,” he explains.

That year, he would partner with Elías Masri, who he had known for over 15 years. As Mr. Silberman relates, “We agreed to begin on a large scale with the modernization and renovation of the buildings.” The buildings would be renovated and partitioned into smaller and more flexible spaces, to better accommodate clients’ needs and wishes.
Mr. Silberman emphasizes the importance of Falcon’s model in making renovations the top priority of its budget. Besides, as he says, “one never truly finishes renovating buildings, considering that one is always working on the lobbies, boilers, elevators, alarm systems and everything else that pertains to the tenant’s well being”.

As a result, he adds, “Our buildings look like important commercial buildings—like grand hotels made to accommodate many people. We know that a good lobby—ours are decorated with glass and bronze and featured with revolving doors—makes the best publicity, since it makes the tenants feel proud of the building.”

In addition, clients appreciate the fact that the buildings are open day and night, including weekends and holidays.
“Furthermore, Falcon’s management is well known and appreciated. It is distinguished by the excellent treatment its customers receive: they are welcomed into transparent offices and given immediate answers, as is the case with rental contracts, which are presented the next day.“

Mr. Silberman is a member of the Princeton Club of New York, The National Arts Club, The American Pastel Society as well as a member of the Argentine National Institute of Public Accountants and Economic Sciences.